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Our Journey and Mission

We understand that starting a fitness routine can be intimidating, especially for beginners who may lack confidence or knowledge about the process. At the same time, we recognize the expertise and guidance that personal trainers possess. By bridging this gap, we create a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters personal growth and development for all involved.

For coaches, our platform offers the opportunity to expand their client base and grow their business. By training alongside beginners, they can earn money doing what they excel at and, at the same time, positively influence the physical development of others. Our platform allows them to share their professional knowledge, experience and proven training methodologies, fostering a sense of satisfaction in helping others achieve their fitness goals.


For beginners, our platform is a gateway to affordable, personalized training experiences with certified professionals. We believe everyone should have access to quality guidance and support when embarking on their fitness journey, regardless of their budget. By connecting with experienced personal trainers, beginners get the invaluable opportunity to learn and grow under the guidance of someone who understands the process and has the necessary qualifications and experience.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we make it easy for you to choose a gym in your city and we provide you with a trainer available to go to the gym of your choice and train with you. In addition, we take care of the gym expenses.



At 20plus20, our mission is to make finding and choosing a personal trainer easier and more personalized than ever. We are a platform that connects people looking for personal trainers with a wide variety of highly qualified professionals.


What sets us apart is our vision to give our trainers and clients access to a world of possibilities. We make it easy for clients to choose their preferred trainer and location, while offering trainers the flexibility to set their availability based on their needs.


Our business model is based on the diversity of options and the convenience we provide to both parties. Trainers can count on us to expand their career opportunities, while clients can enjoy the freedom to select the perfect trainer for their fitness goals.

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