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How it works

How to Find and Book the Perfect Trainer on Our Platform

  1. Answer Questions in "Find a Trainer"

    • Answer a series of questions to help us understand your specific needs better

    • Start by clicking on the "Find a Trainer" section on the platform.

  2. Receive Trainer Recommendations

    • We will use your answers to recommend trainers who best match your requirements. 

  3. Check Trainer Profiles

    • Browse through the profiles of the recommended trainers.

    • Get to know them better by reading their profiles and understanding their qualifications and expertise.

  4. Select Your Trainer

  5. Choose the trainer that aligns most closely with your expectations and goals.

  6. Explore Trainer Packages

    • In each trainer's profile, you will find information about the packages they offer.

    • Review these packages to determine which one suits your needs.

  7. Purchase a Package

    • Once you've found the right trainer and package, proceed to purchase it through the platform.

  8. Access to Booking

    • After purchasing a package, you will gain access to the booking system.

    • You can schedule sessions based on your trainer's availability.

  9. Book Your Sessions

    • Use the platform to book sessions at times that are convenient for both you and your selected trainer.

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